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This Centre was build by the Kilimanjaro Challenge, effort of Geita Gold Mine who climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise fund so as to helps or support the Orphans whose both parents have died mainly of AIDS and have got no one to take care of them. Geita Gold Mine started building the Dormitory in 2004 – 2006. In 17/7/2006 the centre was officially opened and handled over to the Catholic Diocese of Geita. It started its operation on 01/08/2006. The Orphanage Coordinator is Sister Adalbera Mukure a religious Sister from Our Lady of Kilimanjaro Sisters (CDNK).

The Centre accommodates children from all walks life with under considering, racial, ethnic or gender factors.

The center started with 24 orphans. To date the centre has 96 children. Among these children 24 started schooling very late due to the hard situation they were leaving in their families.

The Orphanage accommodates children from 3-8 years old whose parents died due to HIV/AIDS in order to bring them up with good conducts, as well as giving them education

The center is officially registered by the Tanzanian Ministry of Home Affairs, under the Catholic Diocese of Geita.

With the increasing demand, we anticipate to enroll 90 – 150 Orphans after subject to availability of funds. Presently we have six dormitories which are fully occupied. Four dormitories accommodate 12 children and one care take this is single beds, 2 dormitories accommodates 26 each and 3 care takers. We still need 3 big dormitories